Meta Day Festival '23


We handled the creative direction for Meta’s Meta Day Festival ‘23 culture film to kick off the yearly event held at The Outernet earlier in November. The challenge, from the client, was to elevate what had usually been a simple product story into something more expansive. Something that could viably reflect the reality of how Meta products fit into the user's everyday lives, and also, help to drive their passions, cultures and communities. For our lead characters, rising star presenter, fdfromtheFuture, Nike SNKRS Live host, AZ and Moses Musana, co-founder of London Sneaker Club - their passion is on-feet heat: sneakers.

We wanted to tell a story every sneakerhead (or anybody with a collectables passion) could relate to - getting deep intel of a super special release, giving your best mate a shout, and starting the journey of a thousand miles to go and get it.

Every sneakerhead has that one shoe they’ve gone far and wide to find. Their Nike Air Yeezy 1 ‘’Grammy’’. Their Gameworn Converse Fastbreaks. Their Meta Quest 3? We wanted to subvert the payoff a bit, to illustrate that on the voyage for rare, coveted items - the real victory is the journey and the memories made on the way with your pals. Our metaphysics-loving sneaker oracle, Moses, knew this - and with his monologue from within the ‘’sneakconscious’’ - he wanted all sneakerkind to look past their ideas of a shoe. And question what makes it one in the first place. Being able to put them on your feet? Are they only real if other people can see them? After all, this is the power of mixed reality: challenging the experiences (and ontologies) of everyday life by creating outcomes you could previously only imagine.

We built our concept using the insights from our recent report, The Strat Tape Vol.1. From casting our talent to creating the story beats. Specifically, chapters: 1 and 9, titled: ‘’The Splintered Consumer’’ and ‘’The Women’s sneaker space is driving innovation across the industry‘’ respectively. Read the Strat Tape Vol.1 here.