The Strat Tape Vol.1 is our very first insights report. It's 100% grass-fed cultural insight and consumer analysis.

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In the report, we span the whole consumer landscape, plucking it apart through our lens of inventive authenticity, to produce insights that can produce the winning cultural thought dish of the day. For House Captain, strategy is the key architecture from which you can then build intelligent, culturally relevant and inspiring work. The studio was founded on that belief, tired of the rudderless briefs from clients who prioritised what the work looked like before the idea. At the heart of any good idea, is an insight. A reason to believe. A reason to act. An interesting set of consumer/market behaviours to build briefs/work off or re-conceptualise altogether. Across Vol.1's eight sections, we cover:

Section_02: The Splintered Consumer (Consumer behaviour analysis & Gen Z consumer behaviour insights)

Section_03: The Throne Is Free, So Take Free Throws (Challenger brand & product insight)

Section_04: Customer Experience Is A Cheat Code (CX analysis & Gen Z culture marketing insights)

Section_05: Hard Seltzers: The Tonic To Our Times? (Product-led market analysis & consumer insights)

Section_06: The Megaphone vs The AirPod (Comparative marketing/consumer analysis)

Section_07: Brand-supported communities are the next phase in collaborative culture (Market & consumer insight)

Section_08: Physical Space is the new sneaker drop (Market insight & trend forecasting)

Section_09: The emergence of the women’s sneaker space is driving innovation across the industry (Market insight & trend forecasting)

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It's a deep dive into the contemporary cultural and commercial landscape of 2023, utilising both macro and micro lenses, developed through ethnographic research and market research methods. Which are then contextualised by commercial and in some cases, academic sources.

It's a lot more fun than that sounds, though. Vol.1 is designed to spin the idea of what market research or consumer analysis can look and read like. We took inspiration from the works of Richard Turley, Bloomberg Businessweek and OG FADER Magazine editorial design. It's visually subversive, irreverent and witty. In typical House Captain fashion.

It's like a Hot Wheels car with a Bugatti Veyron SuperSport engine.

The Strat Tape Vol.1 is a first look at how we, as a studio, view the consumer landscape, and analyse consumers, brands, products, people, and the whole confluence of things that contribute to the world in which we create for and create from. We're super excited to share it with you. Please be sure to credit House Captain if you, your brand or agency utilise any of our insights!

100% pure, grass-fed cultural insight and consumer analysis. The adage is wrong: pigs don't fly, cows do.

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