Home Sweet Home


person in a dimly lit room, reclined on a sofa, looking at the ceiling

When we launched in October 2022, we observed CD rugs were becoming very popular. Seeing classic albums and even video game decals reimagined as rugs was becoming very popular, especially in millennial interior design spaces. We started to look at the CD rug as an evolution of the teenage bedroom poster.

From that insight, the trend began to take a new form. These rugs are a stamp of one's inspiration, a mark of one's lived experience, and a way to make any house feel more like your home. The rugs reimagined some of a generation's most iconic LP's, turning them into physical portals directly into the influences behind the person. There was one problem though: none for the great UK artists. So we decided to make them ourselves. What started as a product ad for the rugs, evolved into a mediation of youth in London. A retracing of the steps to the time when many were figuring out the size of their boots.

This was made possible with help from Kickers, who supported our vision and provided us with product to build a world that felt authentic to the time.

We might just sell them again, wallets at the ready.