Born In London


That's the thinking behind our tagline and behind this film, which we made to express the essence of our brand. With London being an incredible culinary city, and food being most people's entry points into different cultures, we used food as a metaphor, crazy flavour mashups to be exact, to illustrate the breadth of London's cultural blends and beautifully blurred lines. Jollof Ramen (Nigerian x Japanese), Masala Lasagne (Indian x Italian), Jerk Beef Wellington (Jamaican x British), Dim Sum Enchiladas (Chinese x Mexican). You could only ever find a fine dining institution like a Gaffè in London, too. There's nowhere like London. The city's rich, diverse tapestry of cultures gives you an education like nowhere else - but one that's valid anywhere you go in the world.

But more than just the culture(s) that birthed us, ''Born In London'' digs into what House Captain stands for. As our main character, Big Daz said: life is like a game of Ludo. Everybody has a colour. And therefore, everybody has something to contribute. Our mission is to make great work informed by cultural insights and the unique richness of the everyday experience. To pluck out the crazy in it. The hilarity. The wisdom. The stories. And this is not possible if there's a monopoly on what stories get told, or what ideas get approved. That's why we believe in ideacracy. An environment where the best idea wins and that's it. Simple.

We're called House Captain and not House Prefect for a reason. Everybody knows the prefect was a bought choice. A game of burnt ballot boxes, mysterious disappearances and huge ''charitable donations'' on election eve's night. But the House Captain?

Always the people's choice.


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Written and Directed by Damola Oladapo

Director Of Photography - Natalja Safronova

1st AD/Producer - Basma Khalifa

Sound Recordist - Jacob Evans

Gaffer - Elena Arme

Editor - Jamie Robertson

Editor - Alina Travis

Colorist - Anibal Castano

Sound Mixing - Tom Lebeau

VFX - Roley Roko

BTS - Mohamed Ahmed


Big Daz - Damola Oladapo

Jamal - Tay Jordan

Danyal - Danyal Tye

Rachel - Rachel Dwyer

Ludo Player 1 - Carl Bourne

Ludo Player 2 - Charlotte Harding

Lanre - Lanre Agbetayo

Jermaine - Jermaine Ijieh