To the first of many. Our superb site, built by the talented folk over at noko, got featured on the Awwwards homepage across Instagram (200k+ followers), LinkedIn (200k+ followers) and of course the gazillions of design enthusiasts who frequent the Awwwards.com site. Then on August 23rd, they gave us an Honorable Mention Award for our sites epic build.

a magazine

An honor to be honoured, your honor. - Hank Logan

Our site was built to be minimal and ultra-lightweight in form, but heavy on interactivity and playfulness in function - from the dynamic theming and the blur-based transitions to the ‘’choose your house’’ theme button, allowing users to choose the colours they experience our site in. It’s also a very green website, by design. Things only load when needed, and in these instances the content automatically pre-loads. Sustainability is something very important to us, and we look to honour that with every touchpoint of our brand - even the unexpected ones.

At the heart of House Captain is purposeful play. ‘Cause it makes us all better. And it’s good for us, too. Friedrich Schiller, the German philosopher knew this way back in 1795 - explaining that ‘’we only fulfil our potential as human beings when we play’’. Knowing that playful products and experiences are better at engaging users/clients/customers/everybody our defining principle throughout the site build, was a playful design approach.

Because play is built into the strategic approach to our work. It isn’t an option, or a last-minute solution to an incoming client meeting for a brief that ‘’logic’’ (oxymoron, much?) is failing to crack. Play is part of the logic. It’s a problem-solving tool. We believe that when you balance play with rigour, you land at conclusions that are based on insight with unique and expansive storytelling potential.

Our website is a reflection of our why and our how. Big shout to the team at Awwwards for the love, we're only getting started.

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